DEBEGLASS-Wire is “easily torn off”. There are those who say so. The honest answer is yes. In the first place, DEBEGLASS-Wire can be cut with scissors to any length.
Also, it will be torn off when the breaking strength is exceeded. The glass yarn used for the core material does not stretch, so it does not sag when used as guy wire. However, even if a high load is applied for a moment due to a gust, it will be torn off.
We support the idea of not using DEBEGLASS due to the risk of collapsing a non-lightweight tower as a result of building it near the house. As mentioned above, we cannot guarantee that it will never break.
However, we also cannot overlook the misconception that DEBEGLASS is not suitable for guy wire. This is because we often receive inquiries from customers who have been using DEBEGLASS as guy wire for over 20 years in a row and ask if they don’t need to replace it with a new one yet.
It does not rust or stretch like metal, and it has excellent weather resistance, so it hardly deteriorates even after long-term use. Therefore, it outperforms other guywires in areas with less gusts.

We manufacture a tape for outdoor sports courts called “Super Line Tape”. The core material is glass yarn like DEBEGLASS, and it has been highly evaluated for maintaining the dimensions of clay tennis courts, and has been recommended by the Japan Tennis Association.
Unlike official balls, the use of other tapes is not prohibited, but our line tape is the only one recommended for clay courts, and is used in schools throughout Japan.
In fact, Debeglass is also used in sports. It’s canoeing and kayaking. When a course is set up in a river or bay, stainless steel wire will be stretched by the waves, which will interfere with the competition. However, Debeglass maintains the course until it breaks, so it seems easier to decide when to repair it.
It is also characterized by being resistant not only to salt damage but also to snow damage. It is difficult for ice to attach to the surface, and it has been proven that the strength does not decrease even in a test at -30 degrees Celsius.

In summary, there are situations where our products are suitable, and there are others where they are not. We would like you to choose the one that is suitable for your usage environment without judging only part of the performance.